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I n t r o d u c t i o n

Grapes and musical notes have something very powerful in common. With craftsmanship, knowledge and the right balance between tradition and innovation, they can be transformed into beautiful wine and music, capable of transmitting emotions, terroir and tradition.

With this philosophy in mind, I started to work in 2006 on the ambitious synesthetic project to bring Italian Opera and Italian wine together. Not just by playing opera music while serving a good glass of wine, but actually writing a new opera about wine, and making a wine inspired by the opera..

The great challenges to face were how to start a small family run high quality winery with a relatively small investment, and finding the right people to collaborate on the opera (artistically and financially).

After 10 years of enological study, wine making, carefully exploring the high end wine market (with self-produced small batch sales), networking and composing music for the opera, the first official vintage (2016) is in the barrels.

It is now time to build on this and to blend the two passions of wine and opera together in harmony with Italian identity, culture and art.


                                                                  Dimitri Dimadis 

T h e  T e a m

Dimitri Dimadis : Composer / Winemaker

After working as a freelance guitarist Dimitri and Ingrid decided in 1999 to emigrate to Italy. His Greek roots found fertile soil in Italy’s rich music, food and wine culture, and provided the inspiration to create and combine the wine and Opera. 

Zoë Alexia Dimadis : Patollo Production

At the early age of six Zoë helped Dimitri with the pressing of the grapes. Gifted with a highly sensable nose, Zoë helps with the final blending and the Patollo production. She truly is the future of Poggio Dimadis. 

Ingrid van Buggenum : Patollo Production / Photographer / Operations

After working as a secretary in Amsterdam Ingrid and Dimitri decided in 1999 to emigrate to Italy. Here she rediscovered her longtime passion for photography and successfully worked as a wedding photographer. Ingrid helps with the Patollo production and takes care of the administration. 

Raffaello Di Pietro : Lyricist


Born in the south of Italy, Raffaello moved to Rome during the mid 90's. His talent as a lyricist and songwriter was quickly noticed in the Italian capital and resulted in collaborations with some of Italy's finest artist like Andrea Bocelli.

Rino Tagliafierro : Art Director, Video Artist

As an art director, video artist, animator, graphic designer Rino has won many prices in Italy and abroad. Big names like Adidas, Samsung, BMW, Bvlgari, Pirelli, MTV USA all found their way to Rino's talent. His creativity and skills are of great importance to create Italy in all it's splendor on stage.

Pinkel Hogenkamp : Stage / Lighting Designer

Living in San Remo, Italy since 1995, Pinkel has worked on many great projects such as Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The Phantom of the Opera, and for international company's like Tommy Hilfiger, Philips and Audi.

Jason Duggan : Sales Consultant

Jason is a Monaco based yacht broker. He has many years of experience in sales and business development and has a wide network of clients and strategical contacts around the globe. Jason has an excellent reputation for integrity and his ability to communicate at all levels. This combined with his creativity and his passion for wine, culture and Mediterranean Lifestyle will lead to new investors and future clients.

Evelyn Tachau-Brown : Communications Consultant

Evelyn is an American communications consultant

specializing in experimental marketing for international clients from private, public, and non-profit sectors. The opportunity to develop a destination management program built around a multi-sensory experience aligns perfectly with both her professional experience, but also her personal affinity for fine wine, cultural travels, and an eclectic taste in music. Recognized for outstanding client service and a commitment to honoring tradition through innovation, she is a strategic partner for the event operations and development.

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