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T h e  O p e r a

An opera about wine, divine love and love for wine. The story will follow the life and struggles of an Italian winemaking family and takes the audience on a journey through 19th century and modern day Italy, where the  beauty and rich regional diversity resonates in the music

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The music written during and inspired by Dimitri’s accomplishments as a winemaker expresses the meditative nature of Patollo. Beautiful Italian aria’s with a cinematic approach and the full dynamics of a symphony orchestra. In combination with the wine and the spectacular visuals a genuinely new perception of Italian wine and music is born. 

Dimitri’s approach to winemaking is that he considers a great wine like a composition performed by a symphony orchestra. Four important pillars of a wine are acidity, tannins, alcohol and residual sugars. According to Dimitri the high notes from the violins correspond to acidity. The cello’s, contrabasses and brass correspond to tannins and alcohol giving the wine structure weight and warmth. The woodwinds can add sweetness to music like the residual sugars in wine. When these components are in a perfect balance you get beautiful music and premium wine. 

A passo di giava - Dimitri Dimadis / Raffaello Di Pietro
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