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  P A T O L L O

  T h e  W i n e

The name “Patollo" derives from the old farmhouse “Il Patollo” where the first barrel of wine was made in 2006, and means in local dialect : substantial, generous. Without the financial means and equipment of a professional winery it was necessary to learn and apply the complicated art of winemaking by self-study with a dose of intuition and creativity.

The approach was to find the right balance between tradition and innovation, without additives and manipulation of the must and wine, so that the wine can be a real expression of the vintage preceded seasons.

A passionate, creative experiment gave rise to a high quality wine with a unique and strong identity. 

The wines are made in a traditional artisan way. Because of the relatively high location of the winery, 600 meters above sea level, the grapes can ferment in a perfectly natural way without artificial cooling. When necessary the doors of the winery can be opened at night to let the cool air from the surrounding hills enter the fermentation room. 

The handpicked grapes are gently de-stemmed and crushed. Depending on the variety fermented in 225 and 500 liter wooden casks with three times a day manually pushing down of the cap.


After 20 to 28 days of fermentation on the skins, the wine is transferred to small French and Hungarian oak barrels, were it undergoes malolactic fermentation and matures for 18 / 24 month’s softly accompanied by Dimitri’s music.

Currently in stock vintage 2016: 7.500 Liters in barrels which is the equivalent of 10.000 bottles. 

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