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With more than 280.000 wineries in Italy alone, differentiation is a key requirement for a successful start-up in the wine business.


While making the first barrel of wine, and writing the first aria in 2006, it became immediately clear that this could be achieved by bringing together two important pillars of Italian culture, wine and opera.

This results in a multi-sensory ( synesthetic ) experience : music ( sound ), smell, taste and vision. The intention is to increase the Poggio Dimadis target group by cross- pollination between music lovers, those with a taste for quality wine and anyone with an interest in Italian culture.

The synergy between wine and opera will be the driving force of the marketing and sales strategy; one will sell and generate interest in the other. 


The combination will lead to synergy and an exponential benefit.

The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of it’s parts. 

Bruno e Marietta - Dimitri Dimadis / Raffaello Di Pietro
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