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Composer/winemaker Dimitri Dimadis

Life – like good wine – is full of wonderful surprises.  They can happen at any time.  Back in 1999, being part Greek, part Dutch and part Austrian, I never expected to move my family home to the hills of Umbria.  And being a professional rock musician made me an unlikely tenant to a winery.  I knew Italy was the birthplace of opera, but I did not realise I had reached the place where wine and music live in perfect harmony.  I had found my creative home.


Creativity sets no limits for its inspiration.  I was determined to try something new and the vineyard became my obsession.  It took years to master the traditions and harness modern innovation.  But despite the distractions of planting and pruning and picking and pressing, I started to hear music about love, lost and found.  My passion and care were being rewarded.  The wine was singing to me, opera rather than rock, endless yearning arias.  The Umbrian hills literally came alive with the sound of music, urging me to write an opera about wine and love, the music you have before you.


I humbly invite you to try the double fruit of my labours,  to experience the blend of my two great passions: wine and music.


It's time for the surprise: to taste the music – and hear the wine.



Signature Dimitri Dimadis
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